Promise to Stakeholders

PenCom has a tailored approach in meeting the needs of each class of its stakeholders…
PensionersTimely payment of pension
Security of pension assets
ContributorsSecurity of assets
Ensure compliance of employers
Ensure effective service delivery by operators
GovernmentA safe & sound industry
Positive contribution to economic development
Contribution to social safety net
PenCom StaffProvision of a learning environment, opportunities for career advancement/ development
Promotion of team spirit and provision of conducive working environment
Provision of effective communication channel
General PublicEffective communication & enlightenment
Responsible corporate citizen
Environmental friendly organisation
Employers of LabourOperators of New Schemes (RSAs)
Proactivity and responsiveness
Ensure compliance
Operators of Existing scheme
Safety of assets & fair returns on investment
Effective supervision
Pension OperatorsPFAs, CPFAs & PFCs
Effective & efficient regulation and supervision
Prompt regulatory and supervisory intervention on all operators’ issues
Effective capacity development for the industry
Insurance & Pension Departments
Continuous collaboration with NAICOM for a flourishing life insurance business
Effective supervision of pension departments
Technical support for both pension departments and insurance companies in the implementation of CPS